[expand title=”1.1 Terms and their application”] 

The following terms refer to those of EssayWritingTeam.com

The following information provides the terms of use of EssayWritingTeam.com. The users of our site include persons browsing, accessing and placing orders on our website.

Ensure that you read carefully through the terms of helpful information regarding your rights and obligations. We would wish to draw your attention to specific clauses such as clause 8 on the use, termination or suspension of use, clause 9 on Product Use, clause 10 on Plagiarism and clause 13 Liability Disclaimer.

Making a copy of these terms for future reference is recommended.[/expand]

[expand title=”1.2 Other documents to be referred while reading terms of use”] 

They include:

a). About us

b). Privacy Policy

c). Our section about guarantees that we give our users

The above will collectively be referred to as “the terms.”

Visitors and clients on our site are advised to read the terms before engaging with us by placing an order.[/expand]

[expand title=”1.3 Consequences of accessing our website”] 

Any access to our website that includes placing an order or the payment of any product on our site binds you to our terms. If you feel that you do not agree to the terms of use, we advise that you do not use our site since use thereof will bind you legally to our terms.[/expand]

[expand title=”1.4 Changes to the terms of use”]


Terms of use may change once in a while, with additions or few adjustments here and there. The changes may be driven by a change in the services, additional services or need to have more stringent measures for the purposes of enhancing security. The changes if any will always be posted on the website for all persons visiting the site to see. Users are therefore requested to look frequently at the terms of use to see if any changes have been made.[/expand]

[expand title=”2. ABOUT US”]

Our Company is an online custom essay writing company and registered as a subsidiary of group of companies under the laws of England and Wales. “You” is you the customer or visitor and “Your” in the terms of use is about the visitors on our site.[/expand]



a). The way our site works is described in the About Us section.

b). The services we offer are given in a list on the website.

c). EssayWritingTeam.com retains the right to make any changes on the working of our site such making additions or even removing some features without notice to users or our clients.

d). Any person wishing to engage our services must be capable of entering into a contract in law in relation to their jurisdiction.[/expand]



4.1. We provide a standard online form for placement of any order with us; the form is to be submitted online after completion.

4.2. The order made should have instructions and scope indicated. The form must indicate the type of task that the client would wish completed, for example, an essay or term paper, etc.

4.3. In placing an order with us, we require that you fill in a standard registration form. The form will require you to fill in the following details:

a). Specifications about what you need, indicating the type of services you need, the academic level, the kind of paper requested for, subject, citation and any other instructions that one would wish to include.

b). Information regarding the individual placing the order such as the name, country of residence, phone number, email address and the payment information.

All the above personal details may be altered except the email address. Whenever there is a change in any of them, the client is requested to furnish us with the appropriate changes.[/expand]



The information on how we collect personal information is contained in our privacy policy section. Please visit the section for more information.[/expand]



a). The registration process will require you to avail your name, e-mail and a password that you are to select for any time you will need to login.

b). You are obligated to keep the registration details secure to prevent any unauthorized access to your information.

c). Any orders placed via your account will be considered to have been placed by you. Any suspicious activity noted on your account should be reported to us for the necessary advice on how to protect your information. You should also change your profile and password to ensure that your account is secure.

d). We may change your password if we have any reason to believe that your account is not secure. Such action will be followed by a notification on your e-mail of the change and also providing you with the new password.

e). In case you are unable to access your account due to forgotten password, click here to receive a new password. The change will only be effected if you meet the set security check.[/expand]


[expand title=”7. PAYMENT AND DISCOUNTS”]

a). An offer is made the moment you place an order with us; however, we never forward to you the product before payment is made to us and has been authorized.

b). The price of the product requested is calculated as per the guidelines provided in the pricing section. We have no obligation to give the required product before payment is made.

c). We offer discount services to our clients, for more information visit our FAQs section or contact us via Live Chat support or our email: [email protected][/expand]


a). Our site can be accessed for non-commercial purposes.

b). The site should only be used for legal purposes; the following use of the website has been prohibited:

i). Broadcasting unlawful, defamatory, threatening, abusive, and harassing or any other thing that leads to breach of law;

ii). Dissemination of comments that instigate criminal offense, violation of law or any code of ethics;

iii). Interference with the use of this site by other persons; or

iv). Transmission, storage or the making of materials that has been protected by copyright without the owner’s permission.

c). Any breach of the listed terms will lead to the person in the violation being held accountable for their actions, including bearing the cost of such a breach.

d). Any access to this site beyond the United Kingdom, USA and Australia is on the personal initiative; one should do so in compliance with their local laws.

e). We reserve the right to terminate your use or suspend you for the breach of the terms provided.

f). Any access and use of our site that may be suspected to prevent the lawful use of use of our site by others may be suspended. Investigations will be conducted in the continuance of such suspension to determine the actual position on the same.[/expand]

[expand title=”9. USE OF PRODUCTS”]

Making payment to us or placing an order will be interpreted to mean that you acknowledge that:

a). The product purchased will not be used be used for any other purpose other than personal use.

b). That the information used from our site and products are cited correctly.

c). Any product provided is solely to be used as examples for the purposes of assisting in the understanding of how to write the papers accordingly and with the use of proper referencing styles such as Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.

d). The products are sourced freelancers who have relinquished their rights over the products to the company.

e). Any money paid to us is for the purposes of appreciating the tedious effort to collect the materials available on the site in terms of editing, use of proper structure, referencing, research, and the general maintenance of the site for the purposes of promoting the standards of written academic works.

f). The personal use of our materials should not include any distribution, reproduction, publishing, transmission, modification or the display of such materials without our company’s written approval of such use.

g). The products acquired from this site are to be destroyed after use. Any distribution of copies is prohibited. Proper citation should be made where information or ideas from our materials have been used.[/expand]

[expand title=”10. PLAGIARISM”]

By placing an order with us or payment thereof, you agree to the following:

a). EssayWritingTeam.com retains the right to terminate any agreement or contract with any individual trying to pass off any of our materials as their own for commercial use. Materials provided to you should NOT be used for commercial purposes or even transfer to a third party for payment. You also agree that the company has the right to terminate any work in progress or future work with you if any our terms are suspected to have been breached in any way including plagiarism in relation to our products.


b). You are permitted to rename our product as yours for academic use. However, you must acknowledge it as a reference material where applicable to avoid being accused of plagiarism. The materials provided to you are meant to help in your research and referencing only. We do not tolerate any plagiarism or any other form of fraud or academic dishonesty. Our company ensure adherence to copyright laws.  The samples should only be used as guidelines ONLY to assist you in writing your academic papers accordingly. Custom papers provided by EssayWritingTeam.com should therefore not be used as a replacement for your writing. The samples given are meant to trigger the thought process of the students to enable them to come up with their original, well thought out papers.


c). EssayWritingTeam.com shall NOT be liable for any wrongful or illegal use of our products. Such actions may include lawsuits, academic probation, poor grading, and loss of scholarship, expulsion or any other form of loss, disciplinary or legal action arising from inappropriate use of our materials. Any improper use that leads the user to any disciplinary or legal action will be at their expense.[/expand]

[expand title=”11. REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION”]

a). The products we offer are not refundable unless we have not fulfilled our obligations; on-time delivery, plagiarism-free and adherence to instructions.

b). Our products do not bear any warranty whether express or implied.

c). The order once completed, the refund cannot be made for any reason apart from the reasons stated in our refund terms.[/expand]


[expand title=”12.1 Intellectual property rights in our products”]

a). Our products are prepared by a team of freelance writers.

b). We and our affiliates retain copyrights in all the products that we offer.

c). After payments, the client is permitted to use the product for their personal use to the extent that they do not contravene our terms of use.

d). Written consent is to be obtained whenever one may need to use the products for other purposes that are not personal. We restrict the use of our materials for gain or the transmission to third parties.

e). Any unauthorized use of our materials leading to a loss will be your responsibility; our company does not take any responsibility for any loss arising from inappropriate use of our materials.[/expand]

[expand title=”12.2 Intellectual Property Rights in materials supplied to us.”]

Our clients are obligated to send us materials that do not infringe on existing copyrights. Any loss arising from an infringement as a result of the material will be borne by the client who supplied such material. The materials should also not be in breach of any other law apart from intellectual property rights.[/expand]

[expand title=”12.3 Intellectual Property Rights on our website”]

a). Any intellectual property rights in our site are solely owned and licensed to EssayWritingTeam.com.

b). All materials on our site are not meant to have rights under them transferred to any individual accessing our website.

c). Content from our site should not be downloaded, distributed or copies made of them except under our terms.[/expand]

[expand title=”12.4 Sources Used Feature”]

Our sites do not provide e-books or articles but rather, sections therefrom that has been correctly cited. A fee is charged for the gathering of the materials, which may include links from where the material may be viewed or bought.[/expand]


[expand title=”13. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY”]

a). The site is only available in its present form. We give no guarantees to the satisfaction of its appearance or accessibility. Some computers may be unable to access the site if they do not make use of the relevant technology. The access may also be limited to fewer services in instances where the user does not have access to the appropriate technology.

b). The access to our website is through World Wide Web, which is independent. While using World Wide Web the risk that may arise therefrom is sole to be borne by the person using it. We do not make a representation that our site is available in any other Jurisdiction apart from the United Kingdom.

c). Any links owned by other websites that appear on our website apply their privacy policies. We take no responsibility for any harm, loss or any actions arising from such third parties. We, therefore, request our clients visiting such sites to go through the third parties privacy policies before disclosing your personal information.

d). We are not liable for any form of loss, damage or any type of injury in any way for any changes that we might make on our website.

e). We are not liable to any person in relation to the following products or services:

i). Electronics, phones, hardware, software, the internet, network, email, computer malfunction or any form of difficulty of whichever kind;

ii). Incomplete failed delayed or garbled computer or email transmissions;

iii). Any form of delay, disruption or otherwise that may be caused by sources beyond our control;
iv). Any harm, injury or any kind of damage that may arise from the use of such services.

v). Any errors in printing or typographical errors in the products that we avail.

vi). We have no liability for any loss or injury that may arise from the use or the failure to use the site with no limitations, for:

vii). Any matter resulting from circumstances, situation or events that are beyond our control;

The above terms do not intend to limit any liability arising from negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or any form of liability that cannot be excluded under the law. There is also no intention to limit the rights of the consumers.[/expand]

[expand title=”14. MISCELLANEOUS”]

a). The rights provided under our terms cannot be transferred to other persons. We may however transfer the rights to another business where we have reason to believe that such rights will not be affected.

b). If at any one point you are in breach of our terms and we do not take action at the time, we shall still reserve the right to claim our rights at a future date.[/expand]

[expand title=”15. NOTICES”]

a). Any notice or communication to us must be in writing through our contacts provided in the Contact Us section on our website OR just contact us via [email protected]

b). Notices to you shall be;

i). Pinned on our website;

ii). Displayed on the customer’s order page; or

iii). Sent via email to our clients through the email provided by you during registration.[/expand]


a). Our Company is under the jurisdiction of English courts and the law in application is the English law.

b). Any services accessed from outside the United Kingdom shall be in compliance with the local law to the extent in which they apply.[/expand]