A report refers to a written statement of facts. Reports call for adequate and serious preparation, research and knowledge from the writer. It is a must for the writer to have the necessary time and data to effectively write a high-quality report.

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The following is a list of the different examples of reports:

Business reports – these are reports that are applied in business courses. These reports discuss ideas in the business under study are can be used to tell about the business position financially. There are two kinds of business reports. The first kind is informal business reports and the second is formal business reports. The later business reports are more demanding and require more information and data; they are detailed and are very long.  Formal business reports take more time to prepare than informal business reports

Formal Reports– these are the kind of reports that collect data on a certain topic and then report that finding to a certain audience. Such reports are prepared during the performance of major projects. Such reports are very detailed and very long; they take a lot from the writer as they require intensive and extensive research and analytical preparation. Their formats are more of indirect as opposed to direct format. They begin with presenting the data collected; they then analyse that data making findings and conclusions. Finally, the formal reports make certain recommendations to the audience on the basis of the data, findings, and conclusion,

Experimental reports – these are also called technical reports. They are prepared for use by industries or disciples and are very complex. Technicality is their major characteristic. The writer in writing the report seeks to talk to a specific audience that understands the technical nature of the discipline. These reports have a particular purpose that must be achieved and are written in a consistent style according to the rules and guidelines of the discipline or industry.

Field Reports – these reports tell of a certain study that has been done on the field.  These kinds of assignments may be assigned to the student by their lecture or may be a self-initiative by the student. Field reports are written as a final stage at the end of a field study.

Book reports – these kinds of reports present a summarized description of a certain book describing its main points and plot. The student is required to write a conclusion containing a personal view or opinion of the book.

Progress report – this is a report that is prepared for the purpose of presenting the developments and changes that have happened over some short period of time. They are used to explain occurrences in the disciple or subject since the last report was presented. An example of a progress report is found in companies reporting their half year or quarter year financial statements.

Reports cannot be compared to essays or term papers as it is more complex and technical. The preparation stage alone is time-consuming and requires much investment in terms of time and energy. Many professors and instructors are cognizant of this fact and may at times divide the workload of a single report among several students. Each student is allocated a role that suits him or she based on the student’s strengths, interests, and capabilities. That is a very positive move as it encourages teamwork and promotes social interaction in a formal setting. You will have a lesser workload, and you will save a lot of precious time in the process. The team also has a leader who is responsible for the overall performance of the group. The above-discussed situation, however, happens only in some and not all the cases, some professors, however, have no regard to your workload or your desire to save time. Such lecturers go ahead and assign you a whole report all by yourself. The issue that comes to your mind is what do you do next, where do you get the assistance and the guidance that you desperately require in order to complete the report in due time.

All is not lost:

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