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You are to create 2 lesson plans addressing the same theme (chosen in your project proposal

The assignment should progress based on three parts, starting with the unit plan and then following with lesson plan 1 & 2. Also, just for extra reference, I am including a former student’s unit plan, lesson plan 1 and lesson plan 2. You should be able to see how lesson plan 1 and 2 are based directly on the unit plan.
• Please click attachments: Unit Plan-Amelia Ng, Lesson Plan 1-Amelia Ng, and Lesson Plan 2-Amelia Ng.
In a Word document, explain your ideas for your Differentiated Unit Plan. Reflect on previous lesson plans that you have created for other courses to help you come up with your topic. Keep in mind that the information you submit here will be the basic structure applied to each subsequent stage of this project—you must be consistent. I will be providing a previous lesson plan.
Please click attachments: My Previous Lesson Plan
The following information should be included in your Differentiated Unit Plan Topic submission:
• Unit theme
(examples: spaceships)
• Character principle (choose one from the list provided)
(example: Justice – The entitlement of every person to that fair treatment which is his or her impartial or unprejudiced due. “God is no respecter of persons.” (Acts 10:34b)
• Grade level for your proposed class
(example: fourth grade)
• Subjects
(example: Reading and Math)
• Primary SOL (Virginia Standard of Learning) for each subject
(example: Reading 4.6 c. explain author’s purpose; Math 4.2 a. compare and order fractions and mixed numbers))
Carefully read the grading rubric for the assignment.

You are to create 2 lesson plans addressing the same theme (chosen in your project proposal). These lessons need to incorporate specific differentiated instruction within your teaching of the concept as well as the practice of it. Remember that the key to differentiation is not everyone doing the same thing, but learning the same concept by differing your instruction and practice. This means that you must include many different options for your students. For example, if you are teaching the parts of a plant cell, your students could be creating a skit acting out the different parts of a cell, producing a commercial describing the parts of a cell, sketching the parts of a cell, visually representing the parts of a plant cell using craft supplies, or producing a research paper addressing all parts of a plant cell. For this concept, all students are mastering the parts of the cell but in different ways. All activities must be presented with enough details so that a substitute teacher could teach from the plan……………..

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