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why poor listening skills are often a barrier to effective communication

Your lecturer will assign each student ONE of the topics listed below in Week 4.   This is not negotiable.  You must write an essay on the topic assigned to you.   If you fail to do so, your assignment will not receive any feedback and a 0 mark will be recorded.
Topic 1
Discuss reasons why empathy is a vital ingredient in all relationships and its importance in relation to effective communication
Topic 2
Discuss the benefits of a multicultural society such as Australia’s in terms of how it enables improved intercultural communication
Topic 3
Explain why poor listening skills are often a barrier to effective communication.  Discuss TWO strategies that may be used to improve listening skills
Topic 4
Discuss reasons why misunderstandings sometimes occur when people from different cultures use non-verbal communication
Topic 5
Discuss reasons why many employees now work in teams.  Explain TWO barriers that may impact upon team harmony and performance.  Do NOT include leadership
Topic 6
Discuss reasons why leadership can often have a positive or a negative impact upon team effectiveness.  Include TWO strategies leaders may use to help foster a constructive team spirit
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