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What were the most important cases in this time frame (1992-present)?

Some of the more widely known court cases involving Title IX occurred between 1992 and the present day. For this week’s assignment you will closely examine one of those cases, to be drawn from our text. Read the court case included in the text and analyze how this lawsuit has shaped the way that Title IX is implemented today. Develop a paper that examines the case and the rulings that resulted, being sure to address the following issues or questions:
•What were the most important cases in this time frame (1992-present)?
•Why were these cases so significant?
•How did these cases change the landscape of athletics as we know it today?
•How are athletic departments addressing these mandates?
Be sure to include the following in your case analysis paper:
•An APA-format cover page.
•The paper will be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length, using 12-point Times New Roman font. The cover page and reference list are not included in this page count.
•Address all four questions.
•Include a minimum of 5 reference citations……………………….
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