What were Mozart’s fetishes?

1. What were Mozart’s fetishes? What about his wigs? 2. Why did Mozart come to Vienna (his last visit) and how old was he when he finally arrived in Vienna for good. 3. Who were the leading composers in Vienna at the time that Mozart “came” to live in Vienna 4. What was his relationship with composer Antonio Salieri 5. Did Salieri really hate Mozart? Did he attempt to poison Mozart? 6. Who was Mozart’s employer in Salzburg and who sponsored Mozart musical career in Vienna 7. Why did Mozart marry Constanze Weber? Who was she? 8. How was Mozart’s relation with his father? 9. What was the Requiem Mass? Who commissioned the work? and who finished it? 10. Did Mozart die a rich man? What were the circumstances of his death and how was his burial and why?

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