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What contraceptive would you recommend as best for Eve?

Critical Thinking Care Study

Eve, 27 years old, and Lamar, 33 years, are a young couple who have just gotten married. They both are heavy smokers. Eve had a miscarriage before marriage when they were using a cervical mucus method of natural planning. It’s important to her now not to become pregnant again for 2 years so she can finish a master’s degree in psychology. Lamar wants a contraceptive that when discontinued will allow fertility to return immediately. He also wants a contraceptive that will prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

1. What contraceptive would you recommend as best for Eve?


2. Lamar has special requests. What contraceptive would best meet his needs?

3. Is it safe to use a contraceptive method for as long as 2 years? What if Eve has another miscarriage, making her over 30 years by the time she’s pregnant for the third time?

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