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We all like to do what’s comfortable and predictable

We all like to do what’s comfortable and predictable. When you go to a restaurant, you probably order the same dishes every time. In order to understand how scary taking a risk can be, go to a really good restaurant and don’t choose what you want to eat. Tell the server you will have whatever the chef recommends and to make it a surprise. Of course, if you have a small limitation (i.e., no fish), that’s fine, but choose a restaurant where you will have few, if any, limitations. If that seems too scary to you, go to the movie theater without checking to see what is playing or when it is playing. Just decide to go at a certain time, drive there, and see the next movie that is on, especially if you have never heard of it. If you are too familiar with movies, see a foreign film. When you get back to class, process with the other students what that was like.

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