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US Veterans with PTSD and the journey to trauma healing

Course: CONF695 Psychosocial Trauma and Healing


Course Description

This course is designed to provide participants with a thorough overview of the complex issues of trauma and healing within socio-historical and cultural contexts.  Participants will explore the social-psychological-neurobiological-physical-spiritual processes of responding to deep personal loss, pain and suffering in settings of protracted, violent conflict, as well as examine recently developed approaches to the healing of individuals and communities as they move from violence or war to just peace. Participants will explore the theoretical bases through narratives and case examples from a variety of international settings and engage in practical exercises to demonstrate approaches to trauma recovery. This course specifically aims to integrate trauma healing into the larger conflict resolution/transformation field, since unhealed trauma often continues the cycle of violence.  It is expected that participants will bring a general understanding of these issues and be prepared to address them theoretically and practically.  Learning process for this course involves a collaborative, interactive effort by the professor and participants through a format which includes lectures, hands-on activities, role-plays, dialogue, and circle processes. 


Course Objectives


  1. To develop a critical awareness of the theory and practice of trauma, trauma recovery, identity issues and the process of transformation.
  2. To introduce and examine frameworks of trauma recovery for individuals, families and communities who have been traumatized in various settings, with a particular emphasis of protracted, violent conflict.
  3. To explore and enhance the self-awareness of a trauma healer practitioner as well as provide tools and options for intervention.
  4. To provide an opportunity for participants to pursue issues in the broad arena of the trauma field of interest to them.
  5. To survey the basic literature available in the field of trauma, trauma recovery, posttraumatic growth and transformation.

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