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Total Quality Management

As team of 3 members, you are required to carry out the following:

  1. Decide on THREE Topics out of the many topics researched and discussed in the area of operations management;
  • Managing Resources
  • TQM ( Total Quality Management )
  • 7Ss (Workplace Organization)
  1. For each topic, you need to access the online library ESBCO and choose one FIVE articles (5*3=15) for each topic. These selected articles must have your interest as a team.
  2. Following reading these articles, you are required to produce ONE detailed analytical report ( 3000 words ) emphasizing the critical analysis of each article you have selected. In the report, you need to provide your personal reflection and debate as a team supported by practical examples and highlighted your recommendation for improving the ideas discussed in these articles.
  3. Each member of the team has to provide an evidence of his contribution to the project and log of meetings minutes. Each member will be marked and graded according to the provided evidences of contribution.

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