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"The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains" by Neil Gaiman

-From one perspective, this story can be viewed as a story about evil and the human condition. Explore this idea fully.

This paper is based on the short story “The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains” by Neil Gaiman. It is for the course Interpretation of fiction. The paper should only reference the short story directly and not use outside sources unless vital to the argument.

Please make sure that this paper is 100% original.
This is an argumentative paper, so be sure that you have a very strong thesis that is an ARGUMENT. This is very important.

The introduction is very important.
– Use specific examples from the story with a lot of analysis, and try to shy away from using excessive summary of the story.
– Really go into the relationship between evil and the human condition.
Make sure that the conclusion is very good but not a simple restatement of the introduction.
Make sure that each paragraph is a mini argument for the thesis.

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