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the difference between bribery and gift-giving

Part A: Research a Question:
select one (1) of the following questions and complete a number of activities based on the usage of ethical and moral principles and theories;

  1. Review the discussion about whether a corporation can be a moral agent. Assess and then present the arguments for and against. Which argument do you think is the strongest, and why?
  2. What steps do you think employers should take to deal with the problems and issues of employee drug usage, both in the workplace or in the general society?
  3. Do journalists have a moral obligation to check the veracity of any claims they make in published or stated forms? Is this obligation more compelling when there is a possibility that the journalists work may harm others or incite a form of discrimination in a community?
  4. Explain the difference between bribery and gift-giving (whether within a home, society or the work-place). Is bribery morally worrisome? Why or why not?
  5. Who should be responsible for workers safety? Why? Weigh up the rights and responsibilities of the employer and employee? Which has a higher weighting, and why?
  6. Using examples explain what is dumping? Does dumping raise any moral issues? What are they? How could some of these issues be overcome?
  7. Is the homogenization of cultures a moral issue? Using examples to explain why it is or is not an issue?

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