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The benefits of ITIL Service Lifecycle to a Service

Assignment 1

Due: 7 April 2015

Word length: 1500 words (15% of the total grade)

The benefits of ITIL Service Lifecycle to a Service

The ITIL framework is based around the IT Service Lifecycle.  The lifecycle commences at the identification of a need for an IT service and progresses through to operations and continual improvement.  Describe the benefits to an organization of applying the IT Service Lifecycle to a proposed new IT Service.

What you need to do for assignment 1:

Write a 1500 word essay discussing ‘The benefits of the ITIL Service Lifecycle to a Service’.

You are required to find literature pertaining to this topic from recent, accredited academic sources such as high quality journal papers, book chapters, papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings, etc. You can use as many references as you wish in order to complete this assignment.

In this assignment you will produce a theoretical paper, not a business report. Do not make use of dot points or lists in the paper. Instead discuss and explain the concepts with supporting evidence from the literature.

The Harvard referencing system must be used for both the reference list and the in-text references (citations). Any plagiarism (intentional or unintentional) will be reported to the Academic Integrity Officer, so please ensure that you are confident with correct referencing, both in the body of the assignment and in the reference list. It is not sufficient to just add the reference list without citations in the body of the paper. This would be considered as plagiarism and will be reported. You must acknowledge all material used from other authors (in-text at the time you use it) and all the way through the paper, as well as including the correct reference in the reference list. Do not use URL addresses for in-text citations. Please refer to the Harvard reference guide on the web site of the University of South Australia and your course web site for more information.

Do not copy directly from the source but paraphrase the content.

Below are some guidelines for the format of this assignment.


  • Submit the assignment on A4 paper size
  • Use either Times New Roman 12 font or Arial 10 font
  • Use 1.5 line spacing.

Please note:

It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep a back-up copy of your assignment for contingency purposes. Using the built-in hard drive as the backup is not recommended.

A table of contents is not required.

Submit the paper through Gradebook only. Emailed papers will not be accepted.

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