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Southeast Texas School District

Background Information:

In this Southeast Texas School District there is only one (1) Head Start center. All of the eligible students are bused to the Head Start center for two (2) years..(age 3 and age 4). Once they have completed the two (2) year program they enter Kindergarten in a traditional elementary school in their homes school zoning area.

I am doing a quantitative study. The sample size is 729 students within a Southeast Texas School district currently enrolled in Third (3rd) Grade. The students are divided and enrolled in five (5) different elementary schools within the Southeast Texas School District… I will visit each campus and examine each 3rd graders “Permanent Record Folder” ..(available archived data). This folder will show if the student attended Head Start or Not (ANOVA test will be conducted)…. The Folder will also have inside, copies of each discipline referral the student has received from Kindergarten through 3rd grade…. The type of behavior will be assigned a weight… The weight will then be multiplied by the number of times the student received that type of referral (MANOVA test will be conducted). (weight chart will be uploaded).

Finally the mean discipline scores will be correlated between those students that attended Head Start and those that did not attend Head Start, justifying which group +HS or -HS received the most discipline referral…. By using this archived data for a period of 4 years we can say does this correlation hold up over time, or does it deteriorate. ………………

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