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Some critics read Babo as evil personified while others read him as a freedom fighter

It is often all too easy to return to a colonialist ideology when attempting to understand post-colonial realities. Colonial structures of oppression and domination frequently resurface in a post colonial period. The repetition of oppression often comes in the form of blaming the victim. Fanon warns us against this return of the Master/Slave dialectic in the form of neo-imperialism (pp 95-106). In addition, the native is blamed for the cultural and economic gap between the colonized and the colonizer. Moreover, the natives often return to old structures of oppression from which they have just broken free. In the following paper topics you will be ask to employ your theoretical understanding concerning the two roles colonizer/colonized or settler/native in analyzing the Herman Melville�s narrative of �Benito Cereno.� 1) How does the world in gray operate as a metaphor for the moral ambiguity of Captain Delano�s intentions concerning Don Benito and Babo and the fate of the San Dominick? You should consider the narrator�s comments about Delano and what those comments imply about his real project in helping the San Dominick. You should discuss Delano�s assumptions about the condition of the ship and people he meets on board. Explain how his assumptions define his character for us and allow him to ignore the lesson Don Benito was forced to learn. Finally, you must use Fanon to support your argument. You may also use Fanon to link Delano�s actions to the imperialist actions of a neo-colonial nation.
2) Some critics read Babo as evil personified while others read him as a freedom fighter. To help you think through your position in this debate, use Fanon to examine Babo�s character (you may also use and Hegel). Does the figure of Babo provide us with an example of a native who has discovered that his life and breath are �the same as those of the settler� (Fanon 45)? Is he a revolutionary who has nothing to lose and everything to gain or has he, as Caliban before him, missed the mark, and if so how? You must use Fanon as a secondary source to support you argument. Please do not use strong words as this is a college student essay. Please do not go off topic, just make sure everything is there. I NEED A ROUGH DRAFT BEFORE THE FINAL DRAFT IS SENT TO ME
Hello, I asked in my description of the essay that i do not need strong words used as i am only a second year college student. I need it revised with the words changed around to more common words. Also Benito is spelled benito not banato. Also there are too many paragraphs. I need less paragraphs and more of a description on three or four major topics you choose. Also i feel like the topics you chose are very weak or vague. Also if you chose the first topic. I do not see much of an argument on how babo is a freedom fighter, you kept talking about delano. Also do you use any quotes from the book? As i said i feel like your argument or topics are weak. Also I need to have the quoted sentences explained either before or after. The quotes were not explained. Also put the author or where it came from. I needed you to please use the book Fanon, Frantz. The wretched of the earth to help prove your argument or what your trying to say. A thesis i wrote that you cannot use but you may use if you change the words around so its not similar is “The world in gray operates as a metaphor for the shrouded truth of captain cerenos condition as well as captain delanos morally ambiguous intentions concerning the fate of the san dominick, its captain and human cargo neither of which is apparent to “superficial skimmer of pages” ITALICIZE SHIP NAMES. Your sentence “delano negligently made unreasonable assumptions about the ship and what had actually happened” does not make sense.
A good quote that is an example is, Fanon argues the native intellectual often becomes “a common opportunist” when he attempts to exercise powers for his own purpose (49). This is just an example of how quotes should be set up. I did not see the point of the intro and first five body paragraphs. If you are doing the topic on babo being a freedom fighter you must focus more on babo being a freedom fighter in the intro and overall. Use the details from the intro and first five body paragraphs To disclaim delano and cereno after you state babo is a freedom fighter. Also i do not know why you used many outside sources when the two books benito cereno and the wretched of the earth should have been used the most……………………………………..
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