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Social Media Impact on Online Consumer Behaviour: The Effect of Brand Awareness and eWOM

Individual project report on Consumers’ Decision Making Process/Influences (3000 + 10% words Maximum)
Example – In an educational context, consumer behaviour projects help students understand which psychological, social, and economical factors contribute to consumer decisions, so that they can learn important principles of marketing and sales and market the products to different demographics.
In short, there are two groups of factors that impact the results of consumer behaviour projects. Internal factors are consumer’s memories, families, preferences, and other factors that are exceptionally personal. External factors on the other hand, include geographic locations, cultural associations, and income brackets of consumers. Likewise, consumer behaviour specialists understand that there are particular situations in which consumers engage while they are shopping, such as searching for more information and trying to solve specific problems.
Students performing consumer behaviour projects learn these basic principles by reading and analysing case studies. They might also have opportunities to perform their own projects by interviewing fellow students and community members).
Other project topic/s examples could include;

  1. The Impact of Retail Store Atmosphere such as David Jones or Myer influencing the purchasing behaviour of fashion labels of their consumers.
  2. The Positive and Negative Effects of Media Advertising (all media types) on the consumption pattern of big ticket items (e.g., Apple desktop, Sony LED 64 inch television) of consumers in Australia. (This is the topic I need to write).
  3. Social Media Impact on Online Consumer Behaviour: The Effect of Brand Awareness and eWOM (electronic word of mouth).
  4. Why consumer behaviour and an understanding of such processes is useful from the perspective of the marketer.

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