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prepare a management analysis/consultancy report addressed to the CEO of an organisation of your choice

Your task is to prepare a management analysis/consultancy report addressed to the CEO of an organisation of your choice. 

The report will outline what you believe the CEO should do with regard to the international business management of his / her organisation. 
The assignment’s purpose is to further develop – and allow you to demonstrate – your ability to think strategically and to apply the concepts and tools learned in the course to an actual organisation. 

The Organisation 
You can choose any organisation, in Australia or overseas. 
The organisation will most likely be a business, but it could be a not-for-profit or a government department. 

The firm may be large or small, highly internationally diversified or with modest international presence. You can also choose a domestic company that is contemplating international expansion. The key criterion should be that the organisation lends itself easily to the application of the course concepts. 

The organisation should be selected during the first few weeks of the course, so that learning can be integrated as the course progresses by testing concepts against practical application to the circumstances and issues the company faces. 

Data Collection 
Although your analysis should be supported by appropriate data, the emphasis of the assignment should be on management consulting rather than data collection. Use the course material, the library and the Internet as inputs to your analysis. 

There is no expectation that you will do fieldwork (i.e. contact organisations, conduct interviews with managers or collect primary data otherwise). If you wish to contact the organisation, in your one-page project summary (see below for more on this project summary document) you will need to indicate who you will contact and how they will be approached. Do not contact organisations without approval of the Course Facilitator – there may be legal and ethical issues involved. 

Structure and Assessment 

The best papers will contain a discussion of the context and background of the organisation, the international business management issues it faces, and recommendations to the CEO. Make sure your discussion of the context is brief and focussed, though – the focus of this assignment is on strategic options and proposals as to how those options might be pursued. 

Papers will be assessed using the following criteria: 
(1) Identification of critical issues in the firm’s international business management; 
(2) Appropriate application of course concepts; 
(3) Use of data to support analysis; 
(4) Creativity / originality of ideas and quality of recommendations; 
(5) Cogency of logic; 
(6) Organisation of the assignment (e.g. is the assignment well-structured, does it have a clear and functional lay-out, is it reader-friendly? are all sources of information properly acknowledged?); 
(7) Expression (e.g. how well you can communicate your ideas in a brief written report. This includes, but is not limited, to spelling and grammar). 
An important aspect of international business management consultancy is the ability to ask the right questions and to bring clarity and structure to ambiguous situations. It is your job to decide how to structure your analysis. Bear in mind that criteria 1-5 are more important than 6 and 7, but a poorly organised assignment and sloppy language demonstrate little respect for the reader (remember, you are writing for the CEO of the organisation). 

Formatting and Layout
Report style. Bear in mind that you are writing a business report to the CEO, so write the report in a style suited to this audience, focusing on things the CEO would be interested in. 

Limited appendices may be attached (not included in the word count), but do not use appendices as a way of trying to get around the word limit. 

One-page summary on the project 
In Week 3, you are required to submit a one-page summary of the project for the Course Facilitator’s approval to help you finalise the scope of the assignment. 
In this document, you should: 
(a) Identify the organisation you plan to use. 
(b) Your relationship (if any) with the organisation. 
(c) Provide a snap-shot of the organisation (it’s business lines, countries of operation, size, etc) 
(d) Overview how you plan to gather information to do your assignment. 
While no grade is awarded for this, it is a pre-requisite to receive a grade for the assignment. 


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