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Nursing Process and Health Promotion


  1. Delineate a problem relevant to the care of a client/group/community with emphasis on the community as a client. (Careful not to focus on the individual members of the community but focus on the community as a system


  1. Conduct a search of the literature pertinent to the specific problem.


  1. Inter-relate findings with data gathered (from literature, interviews, and other sources) as a basis for nursing care in a scholarly manner


  1. Differentiate the stressors affecting the community’s biological, interpersonal/intra-personal non-human environmental subsystems.


  1. Propose relevant implications for health care delivery generally, and for professional nursing care specifically, based on community theory and research integrating community resources.


  1. Synthesize information into a coherent, logical and factually accurate written presentation.

The community selected should represent one that you come in contact with either personally or professionally. Discuss your rationale for your community with your clinical instructor. (Use your windshield and formal assessments to help determine a community problem).
The emphasis of your research paper should be placed on the community considering the SDS model and the community as a client/system
The community’s biological, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and non-human environmental subsystems must be considered, and the implications for health care identified utilizing appropriate community theory…………………….
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