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Metatarsus adductus in adults

Metatarsus adductus in adults
Design and development of body shaping socks for use by leg disabled persons
WHAT This research is aimed at the design and development of special socks that would enable people affected by _______(enter name of disease) to wear normal footwear instead of orthopaedic footwear. The socks are expected to shape the foot by utilizing appropriate knit structures and specialty stretch yarns comprised of elastomeric yarns, high strength materials and fibres that provide comfort for extended wear. This is an extended application of compression garments presently being utilized as extra-corporeal medical devices
WHY People affected by _______  are medically advised to wear prosthetic shoes that assist them in ambulation. Such shoes alter the shape of the feet to be effective. Their bulk and irregular shape are distinctive and therefore not suitable for wear during social occasions  This research proposes to develop specialty compression garment, body shaping socks, that would be able to temporarily replace the prescribed prosthetic footwear. This would enable the wearer to use normal shoes during special events. At present compression garments find application as anti-scar treatment for burn victims and to improve performance in high speed sports such as down hill skiing by altering the aerodynamics of the wearer  However the utilization of compression garments for the treatment (temporary or sustained) of ______ has not been investigated exposing a knowledge gap that this research proposes to fill.
HOW An initial assessment of available compression garments in regards to their construction, physical characteristics and degree of compression will be made. Techniques and equipment available for measuring the compression applied by such control garments will also be compared. The required compression for treating ____ will be determined and appropriate knit structures and constituent yarns will be identified. Suitable fabric and garment thereof will be constructed and the resultant properties evaluated………………………………………………………………………………
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