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McDonalds Australia future especially around business practices including declining sales, innovation and strategic changes.

This business report is the first of two written assignments that provides students with an exercise to assist in their understanding of important areas of enquiry in management, viz.: the issues, concepts, themes and principles associated with managing a business.  The assignment assures comprehension of the Course Learning Outcome 1.4 : ‘Identify cultural issues and make recommendations for business practice’, and will assist you to achieve unit learning outcomes 2 and 4 shown in the learning guide.
As indicated in the lectures, a number of issues including structure, the role of people, attention to sustainability and value of studying management have been discussed. This written assignment provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your level of information literacy and your ability to present a cogent and coherent piece of writing that includes appropriate critical analysis relevant to what is outlined below in terms of this assessment.

  1. Read the citations below
  2. Visit a McDonalds store and attach a receipt of your visit.
  1. Based on your analysis of the ‘Essential References and In text citation list’ and observations from your visit prepare a report for McDonalds Australia addressing the following:
  1. Comment on the current issues being faced by McDonalds regarding changing consumer preferences
  2. Describe the strategies McDonalds uses in managing workforce diversity
  3. Make recommendations for the future especially around business practices including declining sales, innovation and strategic changes.

Your response MUST include discussion from the following sources:
Essential References and In text citation list:
(2014),”McDonald’s shines for the opportunities it offers female employees”, Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 22, Iss 1 pp. 3 – 6
Addressing Changing Food Values (2012) Financial Review Case Studies with Business News, Edition 4.
Ghobadian, A. and O’Regan, N. (2014) A case study and interview with Jill McDonald CEO and President of McDonald’s Northern Europe Division, Journal of Strategy and Management, Vol. 7 No. 1, 2014. pp. 87-100.
Robbins S, Bergman R, Stagg I, Coulter M, 2015, Management 7, 7th edn, Pearson Australia, Sydney, pp.34-36
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