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Margin Call

“If we think of organizations, and their surrounding environment, as being political systems,
this changes the way in which we think about strategic decision making. This is important as
strategic decision-making lies at the very heart of strategy-making”.
Critically discuss the statement above in relation to ONE of the movies/series listed below or the book by Gillian Tett.
Watch ONE of the movies/series listed below:

  1. Margin Call (2012)
  2. 13 Days (2000)
  3. Apollo 13 (1995)
  4. The wolf of wall street(2013)

Read the following book:

  1. “Fool’s Gold” by Gillian Tett (2010)

Your response is to be a maximum of 2000 words, excluding references. Marks will be deducted for
papers which are longer or shorter than this.
You must self-asses your submission, using the following criteria on ReView (or it will not be
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