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Legal & Ethical Issues

Paragraph 1: Provide a brief summary of the article.

  • What are the purposes of the reading? What does the author seem to be trying to accomplish?
  • What point of view or perspective does the reading seem to take or promote? What questions does it raise but leave unanswered?

Paragraph 2: Ethical Dilemmas and Stakeholders

Identify and describe major ethical dilemmas that appear in the article-including who is affected by the issue and how.

Paragraph 3: Legal & Ethical Issues

  • What are the ethical and legal issues that appear in the article?
  • How are the ethical principles being presented in the article in your own words?

Paragraph 4:

  • As the semester progresses: how does the reading relate to others that we have studied in our course?
  • How does the reading relate to your own life experiences, ideas, values, etc.?
  • What is your action plan, judgment, or evaluation after reading this case?
  • How would this case impact your role as a future healthcare administrator?
  • Would your judgment differ if you were to switch modes (from emotional to rational)?

Include references in APA format.
Approximate length: 500 to 750 words.

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