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Land’s value is not the only profit that can be derived.

Answer to the 1st question: Land’s value is not the only profit that can be derived. Land do have inherent value, which cannot be calculated in monetary terms. If land is in one person’s name and it was inherited by his predecessors, an emotional value is also attached to the value of property. Land’s own value is nothing, as it is a part of earth, but what makes it’s value is the surrounding environment and many other factors, such as geographical location, socio-economic environment, demographics etc. plays important role in deciding the value of the land . Answer to the 2nd question: Yes, the scenario mentioned in 2nd question can be taken to court for justice and a valid nuisance claim. Basically, the scenario is that the people residing at Gulf Coast filed a nuisance suit against the power companies for the damages that they incurred because of Katrina hurricane. It seems invalid and illogical law suit if we do not see this matter in a broad perspective. The logic of Gulf Coast landowners is that the reason behind high levels of ferocity and strength of hurricane Katrina was due to increase in sea level, which was the result of global warming. Again the reason of global warming is carbon emission by the power companies. Hence, the whole scenario happened as ” Cause and Effect

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