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Is there a migrant integration crisis in developed economies?


Please select one of the following essay topics


  1. What factors have compelled the securitisation of migration in many countries in recent decades?


  1. Discuss (ie describe and evaluate) Castles et al. claims that ‘the refugee regime of Western countries has been fundamentally transformed over the last 30 years’. Refer to at least two examples to back up your claims.


  1. What limitations, if any, do you see with Australia’s current asylum-seeker policies? What alternatives, if any, would you suggest to deal with the issue of unauthorised boat arrivals?


  1. How significant a problem is ‘brain drain’ for developing economies? Discuss

with reference to at least two examples.


  1. According to the OECD ‘immigrant women are generally the group with the

least favourable outcomes in the labour market’. What factors contribute to this



  1. Is there a migrant integration crisis in developed economies?


  1. Discuss the politics of immigration in one specific country or region of your choice.


  1. Evaluate the success or otherwise of recent global initiatives to combat human trafficking.


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