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Is the Malaysian films following the Hollywood films?

IS Malaysia following the footsteps of Hollywood?
What is Avant Garde?

  • against mainstream cinema ( working in opposition to mainstream cinema)
  • early distinguishable from art-cinema in economic and institutional rather than aesthetic
  • similar to the german expression & French new wave
  • a story about a taboo subject, interracial romance…..

The Malaysian Independent films
-have been internationally famous for being the next up-and-coming ( based on personal analysis)

  • -Love Conquers All – 15 Malaysia TAN CHUI MUI (The future) – third cinema ( not to talk about politics)
  • is Malaysian avant garde influenced by Hollywood
  • KLEX- Kuala Lumpur Experimental films
  • awards
  • The Swiss Oikocredit award at Fribourg
  • Tiger award at Rotterdam International Film Festival
  • New Current Award at Pusan International Film Festival

The Hollywood independent films – NOSTALGIA HOLLIS FRAMPTON
Malaysian Commercial films- a very brief history of it
The Journey (2014) directed by Chiu Keng-Guan
Cultural studies – raymond William, stuart hall,
Body: Film Watching Experiences
Cultural Hybridisation – a window to the westerners( introducing cultural aspects, how Malaysians treat family, what it means to be a family and many more) Culture clash (west & east) Why did this movie became to highest grossing in Malaysia till up-to-date with a net-grossing of 17.15mil (explain on the movie, how it gets into the msian’s heart)
Hollywood commercial vs Malaysian Commercial
Is Malaysians films following the footsteps of the Hollywood? Are they going to be successful? Many Asian films has already been remake and screen in Hollywood, will Malaysia have that opportunity?
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