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Interpretive analysis of the film V for Vendetta

Please write a 10 page paper in-depth interpretive analysis of the film V for Vendetta. You must examine the film using by genre (film noir, neo-realism, musical), by auteur, the time period the film was made (i.e. contemporary) as compared to an earlier period evoked from film history, etc. Or you may also choose an original approach (for example, the film as propaganda for a certain political/social persuasion; by star as a commentary on race/class/gender; the particular formalist aesthetics of the film; an ideology supported/contested by the film; the verisimilitude of what the film is portraying, etc.). I will also expect your analysis to explore issues of narration as they relate to/interact with visual elements of the film. That means you need to show how the way the story is told connects to its content.

Within this essay (and please remember that it is a scholarly essay and not a review), you are required to choose at least one sequence in the film to examine in detail with concern to both style and narrative. You must perform this close reading with reference to the technical elements– composition within the frame; camera angle, movement and distance; lighting; sound; editing; etc. – and explain how these elements work together to contribute to the film as a whole. Finally, be sure that your analysis actually leads to an interpretation of the film.
Your dissection of the sequence should provide significant insight into your interpretation. (In other words, do not choose a sequence that has no relation to your analysis.) In developing the idea for your paper, you may choose to start with a sequence that you find interesting and build an interpretation around that–or you may find an idea about the movie as a whole you wish to discuss and then want to search for a sequence to support your argument. In my experience the former approach works better—it is more likely to lead to a new insight—but all analysis is a combination of the two processes. Let me remind you that this is a film paper–not sociology, history, or literature. You must analyze the filmic elements. If you just talk about plot and theme, it is not a film paper.
Your sequence dissection should fit naturally in the paper. Make sure that your paragraphs have topic sentences and conclusions. Your paragraphs should build an argument; they should not be a random list. Spell-check. Proofread. Include a title that reflects your thesis and insert page numbers. But primarily, ensure that you actually have a point–that you have an interesting insight to share with your reader……………………………………

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