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Interest-bearing Securities and their Role in Portfolio Management

Topic:                          Interest-bearing Securities and their Role in Portfolio Management          


Task Details: An explanation of interest-bearing  securities, distinguishing between     money-                  market securities, longer-term securities (bonds, debentures, etc. – both public sector securities and private sector securities), and managed interest-bearing securities. Their role in portfolio management. Illustrate with appropriate examples.

  1. The respective roles of money market securities, longer-term Government and corporate sector interest-bearing securities and managed interest-bearing funds in portfolio management. In particular, examine why one should invest in these securities rather than other assets – and/or their role in conjunction with other assets in a portfolio.
  2. The asset allocation process by which funds are allocated to interest-bearing securities. In particular, distinguish between the role of money market securities, often associated with allocations to “Cash”, and other securities whose allocation is to the longer-term “fixed interest or interest-bearing securities” and/or to “international fixed interest” securities.
  3. Examine techniques of valuation of these securities. Illustrate with worked examples.
  4. Discuss the performance of these asset classes over a long time period (10 years or longer), their current levels of performance and expected returns relative to inflation.
  5. Specialised portfolio management techniques, e.g., duration, convexity and immunisation.
  6. Risks attaching to money market securities and longer-term interest-bearing securities.
  7. Outline the role of foreign issued money market and of medium to longer-term debt instruments in the portfolio management process, including the attendant risks.

Other relevant considerations, e.g., the impact of inflation or economic or other shocks on these securities and their performance.


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