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Individual Investor Perception toward of Kuwait Stock Exchange


3.1 Introduction “as usual you mention the breakdown of the chapter + mention the important of developing a suitable research measurements or instrument for the variables to reach the best result, with referring to a writer such as ( Sekaran, 2003 Research Method For Business- A Skill Building Approach ) but use another writer please”.
3.2 Theoretical Framework “Mr. Writer as we decided before that our factors are “trust, monopoly, culture, politics” Please add on the model “Gender, Age, Marital status, Qualification, Years of experiences” as a general factors and common. But the main is the first four factors.
3.2.1 Variables of the Study status of Experiences
“Mr. Writer please writes a short clear brief about each variable and support with references as you did in chapter 2, but remember Mr. Writer the variable ( Politics) here we are talking about the political life in Kuwait between the government & Kuwait National Assembly “
3.2.2 Measurements of Variables
Please Mr. Writer regarding 3.2.2 write a brief about the measures then (Create a table contain 6 columns ” Variable, Number of items, items been constructed of modified, items been adopted, field, sources) that will be used for measuring those variables” “trust, monopoly, culture, political stability, Gender, Age, Marital status, Qualification, Years of experiences”
3.3 Hypothesis Propositions Development
3.4 Operational Definition
3.5 Case Study Approach & Design
3.6 Research Design
3.6.1 Sampling Procedures
3.6.2 Identification of the Sample Unit
3.6.3 Sample Unit
3.6.4 Sample Size
3.6.5 Data Collection Procedures
3.6.6 Procedures of Data Collection
3.6.7 Missing Data
3.6.8 Techniques of Data Analysis
3.7 Thematic analysis or Factor analysis
For point 3.7 you chose Mr. Writer which one will help us more and easier for us”
3.8 Pilot Study
3.8.1 Pilot Study
3.8.2 Questionnaire layout “Mr. Writer for 3.8.2 creates a questionnaire layout table for the pilot study”
3.8.3 Administration of Pre-Questionnaire
3.8.4 Results of the Pilot Study
3.8.3 Validation
3.8.4 Decision
3.9 Questionnaire Design
3.9.1 Close ended questionnaires ” Mr. Writer for point 3.9.1 explains & convinces with evidence of previous study at least 5 studies for the reader why to use close ended questions”
3.9.2 Rating scale “I think using Likert Scale is the best, support with at least 3 references”
3.10 Survey and Interview Procedures
3.11 Limitation of the study
3.12 Conclusion
Appendix 1 “Survey layout “The Survey layout Mr. Writer should start with a few short introduction mentioning (time will take from response + the purpose of it + Important of it + the response guidelines). Also, categorize the survey for section for example “the Gender, Age, Marital status, Qualification, Years of experiences” SECTION A: RESPONDENT DETAILS AND DO THAT, and do that for the rest. Must have at least 50 GOOD categorized questions and GOOD design. Scale from 1-5 starting with strongly agree or strongly disagree”.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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