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In the Initiation phase of project management do language barriers hinder the successful outcome of a project?

(Paper Structure)
Title Page
Abstract (approximately one half page) (see APA)
Provide a brief overview of the topic and introduce why it is a challenging and important project management issue.
Briefly discuss the content of you paper.
Introduction (approximately 3 pages(no need for this part)
Provide background information and details concerning this topic that convey the importance and challenges of the issue.
Literature Review (approximately 20 pages)
Provide a detailed review of literature concerning the topic.
Include a variety of perspectives and viewpoints that thoroughly cover all aspects of the topic.
Analysis (approximately 3 pages)
Evaluate how much is currently known about the topic based on your literature review.
Discuss the quality of the literature found.
Present and explain the findings.
Evaluate the need and significance of new research.
Conclusions (approximately 2 pages)……………………..
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