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importance of demonstrating social responsibility to all stakeholders of a company

Research topic outline
Research objective
The research topic is about to investigate the privacy issues and concerns in IT security and safety in the online marketing sector. The research question is ‘what are the privacy problems and issues in online marketing businesses and why are these issues critical for the safety of online marketing businesses?’.
Online marketing businesses have experienced rapid growth and development during recent ten years due to the development of advanced IT technologies and popularity of smart phone. The general online marketing approaches include social media sites marketing, newsletters, and search engine history marketing. All these approaches need to collect and store customers’ personal information and exchange and communicate relevant marketing information to customers. For example, it involves collecting and saving users’ searching history and then provides relevant advertisements; or it keeps users in mail list and sends regular newsletters. Thus, the IT privacy has become a critical issue for companies in this sector in their daily operation and management. Previous literatures indicated that the government has pay more attention on IT privacy in the online marketing sector, and a single privacy problem such as stealing customers’ personal information could lead to millions loss for a company (de Bakker, Boonstra, & Wortmann, 2010). It is critical and relevant to my internship because it relates to my company’s future development and business sustainability. Without sufficient experience in doing network development and customer data management, this important area of interest is a gap in my knowledge.
The outline of the research topic will be:

  • A brief review of ethical business decision and social responsibility concepts
  • The importance of demonstrating social responsibility to all stakeholders of a company
  • IT privacy issues and problems in online marketing business
  • Protecting the company’s network against viruses, malware, and other Internet-based threats
  • Maintaining robust IT security without impeding (de Bakker et al., 2010)
  • Maintaining simplicity and cost-effectiveness solutions for IT security (Jun, Qiuzhen, & Qingguo, 2011)
  • Business decision on the use of customers’ data
  • Network solutions
  • Cisco IOS security solutions such as Cisco IOS firewall, IPS, and Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) services (Dubois, Heymans, Mayer, & Matulevičius, 2010).

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