importance of brand associations

Objective is to test ability to measure, compare and critically analyse the brand salience and associations of two brands available in the Australian market. It is expected that students will be able to justify the importance of brand salience and brand associations for brand managers.

It is required that you should be familiar with customer based brand – equity (CBBE) model (chapters 2 and 3 of keller 2013). The CBBE model looks at building a brand as a sequence of steps required for successfully achieving set objectives. the first step – brand salience -ensures the identification of the brand by customers, as well as step 2 – allows for identification of relevant brand associations of the brand with a specific product class and customer need.

choose any two brands from a FMCG product category available in Australia. Choose one brand that is prominent in the marketplace and another one (same product category), which you feel Australian consuemrs are not very familiar with. Conducting primary research in form of a survey. You are expected to measure and report on the breadth of brand awareness for chosen brands.
For any one of the brands discussed, identify the associations that you feel contribute significantly towards the brand’s equity. using primary research, you have to construct a mental map undertaking a ‘brand association’ research task. Report on the strength, favourability and uniqueness of brand associations as well as present the brand’s mental map (Pages 297 and 327 of Keller 2013)


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