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How does teamwork affect innovation in IDEO?

IDEO is a design and consulting company with offices in the United States, England, Germany, Japan and China. It was founded in, California, in 1991. The company uses a design thinking approach to design digital products, services and experiences. IDEO is an award-winning. Some of IDEO New Zealand Airlines customers, and Coca-Cola….
Every year, teams of people including psychologists, mechanical engineers, biologists and industrial designers meet to work on projects in the consumer food and beverage industries, retail, computer, medical, educational, furniture, office and automotive industries. Some examples include the first Apple Mouse mouse.
IDEO’s corporate philosophy is that teamwork improves innovation and creativity. Collective brainstorming is used to present a lot of new ideas simultaneously. Project teams share and improve ideas by taking advantage of members’ skills and solving problems together. The company believes that the diversity of multidisciplinary teams allows for higher quality and faster innovation.
Regardless of the project, IDEO teams use the same process. First, they identify similar products and experiences, and then notice the people who use them. The teams then visualize, evaluate, refine and implement innovative solutions to their customers’ problems based on their research and feedback. Members of the IDEO team lack official status or titles, and each member of the team is given equal respect.
Please answer the following questions:
A. How does teamwork affect innovation in IDEO? (10 degrees)
B. . How does diversity affect the effectiveness of teamwork in IDEO? (10 degrees)

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