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How do changes in technology affect the proliferation of illicit activities?

What lessons can be learned from China’s development model that might lead to more successful development strategies in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia?

2. Do you agree with those who argue that significant reductions in poverty can be made by “nudging” the poor to make more “rational” choices to achieve their goals? Or do you agree with those who argue that poverty is caused by structural factors and can best be reduced by redistributing national income, strengthening the political rights of the poor, and democratizing? Do you think that development strategies should be based on “growth first” or “welfare first”? Why or why not?

3. Explain several of the key weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

4. In what ways could it be argued that the rise of China poses threats to the liberal world order? Are these fears well-founded or not? Do you believe that the United States will likely remain a prosperous, dominant superpower in the future, especially given the challenges from China and Russia? Why or why not?

5. In what ways have the BRICs countries used state intervention to help economic development? In which BRICs countries has state intervention been least effective, and why?

6. None of the MENA’s monarchical regimes (in Jordan, Morocco, and the GCC countries) was ousted during the Arab Spring. What factors might explain why these regimes have been relatively stable compared to those in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Tunisia?

7. In what ways has the United States contributed to or caused conflict in the MENA?

8. In what ways have Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Israel exacerbated conflicts in the Middle East or impeded conflict resolution?

9. What are some of the key unintended consequences of efforts to regulate the illicit global economy?

10. How do changes in technology affect the proliferation of illicit activities?


11.Which Middle East countries are best prepared to face the challenges of globalization? Explain.

12. How do changes in technology affect the proliferation of illicit activities?

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