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how a theoretical understanding of business models can be used to explain the exploitation of innovations by organisations in real-life.

This assignment requires a combination of an essay (2,500 words) and a video presentation with transcript.
• Both of the essay and the presentation are about Business Models.
You are required to write an essay based on the following:
• There are many conceptualisations of a business model in the academic management literature. Why do you think there are so many?
• In answering this question, make sure you describe and compare three business model conceptualisations from the extant literature.
• Of the three conceptualisations, identify your preferred conceptualisation and explain why you prefer it.
• To ground your argument, apply your preferred conceptualisation to an example from real-life, that is, describe the exploitation of an innovation introduced in the last five years by a business using your preferred business model approach…………………..
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