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Health Communication and Health Information Technology.

  1. Go to the Data2020 Search section of
  2. Focus on the two topic areas
  1. Access to Health Services and
  2. Health Communication and Health Information Technology.
  1. For each of the above two areas, identify the objectives in which we are doing worse or where there is little to no change in these two areas. You can find this via the Mid-Course Review information and clicking on the .pdf file (see instructional video under weekly materials). What are some of the reasons as to why we might not be meeting the targets for these goals? Find at least two outside resources for each topic area (Access and Health Communication & Health Information Technology) that support your view.
  1. Based on the information in #2, select one objective from each area that is getting worse. Identify at least 2 concrete steps for each of the objectives you selected, that you, as a practitioner in your current or future profession, could take to help improve performance.

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