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Focus on and explain in depth the particular environmental factors you feel significantly impact LGI’s operatio

Assessment overview:
This assessment is based on the case study below. You are to do an environmental analysis, which requires you to demonstrate your ability to identify and describe the key environmental challenges facing a particular group of managers within a specific industry operating in business today.
Assessment details:
Your task is to provide an overview of the external environmental (general and specific) factors affecting LGI’s performance.
Your analysis should focus on and explain in depth the particular environmental factors you feel significantly impact LGI’s operation.
Case study:
Landfill Gas Industries Pty Ltd is a business that specialises in offering gas extraction from landfill sites (rubbish dumps) around Australia. The extracted gas is used to generate electricity for local councils and landfill owners around the nation.
LGI Pty Ltd offers a variety of services from assessment of gas and flare capability to maintenance and monitoring of electrical generators powered by the gas they extract from landfill sites.
You can find out more about landfill gas as well as the business’s specific customers, services and capabilities by going to its website:
Presume that LGI Pty Ltd has commissioned you to conduct a preliminary investigation of the environmental factors and how they will impact the business’s operation in Australia.
This investigative essay will then provide LGI Pty Ltd with further research options and investment strategies in the future, once it has been presented to the board for approval.
Task notes:
1. Carry out an environmental analysis to identify what opportunities and threats LGI faces. To help limit your analysis area, you can also choose to identify a specific location for the basis of your analysis e.g. a particular council in your state’s capital city.
2. Your analysis should be structured in the form of an essay and include:
• An introduction to LGI including the industry it operates in and what the business is aiming to achieve.
• An overview of the general and specific environmental framework, i.e. what the framework’s purpose is, what are its components, and which components are relevant in this particular case and why.
• An analysis identifying and applying the general and specific environmental factors to LGI to identify the opportunities and threats facing the organisation. All analysis must be defended with specific references back to reliable and relevant academic theory, statistics and industry reports.
• A conclusion summarising your analysis.
Starting your research:
Your analysis should draw upon your weekly readings and other reputable sources. Information on the general environment can be drawn from the following IBISWorld reports:
Information on the specific environment can be drawn from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
You should evaluate the likelihood of this idea working in a particular location, for example in a particular council in your state’s capital city (Sydney).
Hints and tips
• You are expected to critically review the material you read in light of its source and your client’s requirements.
• The strength of an argument is judged on how it is constructed and the evidence used to support it.
• High marks will come from a demonstrated ability to construct a persuasive argument that is adequately researched, constructed and referenced.
• While the internet is a good starting point for your research, only reputable sources should be referenced and quoted in your final analysis.
• Web-based information must come from refereed journals and/or reputable business magazines, not just notes put on the web by enthusiastic individuals e.g. Netmba, Wikipedia, Businessballs,, blogs.
• Do not copy word for word from the internet or texts: write in your own words and reference correctly, otherwise you are plagiarising. Copying long pieces of information demonstrates limited understanding, poor academic skill and will receive minimum marks. Do not use bullet points or lists in your academic writing.
• The essay should be edited to achieve consistency of grammar, style and flow of argument.
Assessment criteria:
1. Introduction: purpose, overview and outline of the essay (10%)
2. Analysis (40%)
3. Recommendations and conclusions (20%)
4. Scholarship (30%)
The essay must:
* Introduction:, purpose, overview and outline of the essay must provided clear and comprehensive evidence of an introduction that expertly identified purpose, overview and outline of issues to be discussed in the order that they appear.
* The analysis must be an insightful and sophisticated environmental analysis using an established framework that is applied to the case study…………………
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