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Find health statistics of the population (rates of overweight and obesity, or heart disease…)

use AMA citation style. 12 pt font. double spaced.
Write about a restaurant experience. You have the freedom to write about your experience any way you choose. However you must answer the following questions to earn full credit and include at least one reference for your research.
Go to a restaurant that you have not yet tried. Good choices of “ethnic” restaurants include: Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese (or sushi), Chinese, Chinese-Dim Sum, Korean BBQ, Indian, African (such as Ethiopian, Somalian, East African), Mexican, Spanish, Cuban, South American (such as Peruvian, Venezuelan, Colombian or Brazilian), Caribbean, French, Irish, German, Russian, Greek, Lebanese or American Indian. Stay away from the chain restaurants that claim to be original such as, Thai Basil or Swing Thai. You’ll find many original Asian restaurants on Federal, south of Alameda. There are multiple Ethiopian restaurants on Colfax, east of campus. Write about your experience and make sure to include:
1. Restaurant, location, and date.
2. Interview customers, staff, chefs or owners and ask what is the most popular item in the
menu or what they recommend to eat. Write at least one paragraph for this section.
3. Briefly indicate the history and culture behind the dish that you ordered or any of the
dishes. Write a minimum of two paragraphs for this section. Most likely this information will be gathered using other resources such as your textbook. Your textbook is an excellent source for finding details about dishes, history and culture. Don’t forget to add AMA style reference.
4. Provide a few examples of items in the menu. Do they serve appetizers, salads, desserts and alcohol? What are the basic ingredients used? Are there special traditional instruments used in the food preparation and why?
5. How is the food presented? Does it visually look appealing? Were the portion sizes large or adequate? Describe the taste of your menu item. Would you order this again, why or why not?
6. Would you describe your dish or the foods of the restaurants, healthy, why or why not? What is the overall nutritional quality of the foods served at this restaurant?
7. Find one or two of the health statistics of the population (rates of overweight and obesity, or heart disease…) from this culture or country. World Health Organization website is a good resource.
8. Rate the restaurant on a scale of 1-10…10 being the best. Would you go back to this restaurant? If not, why not? Was the cost of the meal appropriate or expensive? Any recommendation for the owner?
9. Include the appropriate citations and references if you seek other sources for your work. See in blackboard for examples on how to write AMA style citations and references. To cite, add the citation with numbers using parentheses at the end of the sentence, such as this (1). At the end of this section, list your references in order………………………
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