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Final Paper: Concept Application Essay Use paper requirements to determine title womens gender studies

Use the concept “The Femme Fatale”and apply it to any film of your choice. Choose a film that we have not viewed in class. Analyze how that concept is applied to and represented in the film. You may choose to fully apply one concept to the film or multiple concepts to the film. Incorporate the readings from class and/or additional outside sources.
CONCEPT: The Femme Fatale
Other concepts that you can incorporate in the paper to the film chosen: Male Gaze, Female Gaze, Phallic Woman, Intersectionality, Fast Talking Dame (You may use a comedy of the 40s or a more contemporary interpretation of the FTD.), Action Women, The Final Girl, Mountain Culture, Gender, Food, & Resistance, Representations of gender, race, class, identities, etc.Representations of gender, race, class, identities, etc.
Be sure to include:
1) An introduction that “sets up” the film for the reader (assume the reader is not familiar with the film or its genre).
2) Fully defined concepts that will be analyzed.
3) The application of the concepts to the film.
4) Specific and relevant scene examples.
5) Incorporation of readings/references.
Typed; 12 pt. font; Times New Roman; Double spaced; 4 pages in length………………..
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