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Examine the connections drawn between disease and love in 'El amor en los tiempos del cólera'

The essay is actually about Latin American Literature and is based on the book not the movie.
Each point made should have a quote from the book or from a critic of the book and around 7-10 external sources should be used – journals, articles etc.
One of the themes discussed concerns the extent to which the novel evokes the idiom of the European nineteenth-century novel. For background information of Realism, see Erich Auerbach’s study Mimesis, especially the chapters on Balzac and Stendhal.
The other texts studied alongside this one, have a particular reference to the avant-garde, the “Boom” novel in Colombia and Brazil therefore, some relation to this should be made.
Please include as many specific examples as possible and ensure that the essay is written in context of the spread of cholera at the time.
Quotes should be written in their language of origin.
I will also upload a document of research and examples I conducted for the essay.
Many thanks

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