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Evaluation, critic and reflection

research in a contemporary approach to the public sociology module, and this research requires work (portfolio) to reflectivity and evaluation and providing a critical account of each module session making explicit links to theoretical perspective of the public sociology.
*This module included six different sessions and each session use 3 stages. You can find all details in attachment.
sessions one:
‘Researching public civic participation in the Big Society (and before it)’
sessions two:
‘Community, participation, and the production of public health’
sessions three:
‘Visual Ethnography
session four:
‘Is impact really a virtue? Some skeptical views on ‘public sociology’
session five:
‘Prisons and society’
session six:
‘Young people and politics in Britain: How do young people participate in politics and what can be done to strengthen their political connection?.
*Assessment Criteria
Theories, Concepts & Debates: A range and depth of relevant knowledge and understanding is demonstrated.
Evaluation: A systematic approach is adopted via a synthesis of perspectives.
Argumentation: Arguments are clearly constructed, presented, and justified.
Originality: New forms of engagement with communities and publics are envisioned.
Conventions of scholarly practice: Content material is presented coherently and accessibly. Referencing is correct and accurate………………
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