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Ethnic Grocery Store Visit

Write about an ethnic grocery store in Colorado. I don’t care which one. Create whatever for the questions below. Thank you.
ETHNIC GROCERY STORE VISIT (50 points): Visit an ethnic grocery store and tell me about your experience. You must include at least one reference for your research. You can easily do this on the same day you visit a restaurant. For example, Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant on Colfax and Quebec has an Ethiopian grocery store next door to it. You’ll find the same on Federal for the Asian restaurants. Include the following in your paper:
1. The name and location of the store 2. Describe your visit:
a. The atmosphere (setting) of the store
b. Types of food observed in the store
c. Unfamiliar foods – did you ask the clerk about these foods and/or did you research how they are made/cooked/eaten?
d. The food sections (produce, meat, dairy & eggs, snack foods, bakery, refrigerated foods, seasoning and spices, fats and oils, etc.)
e. Cost of the foods—compare cost of a food item you normally purchase at your regular store
f. Do they have organic or local foods?
g. Ask the clerk or owner about what are the most popular items.
h. Food labels – compare food labels to those food items you normally purchase. Are the labels different than you typically see in the U.S.?
i. A conclusion offering the overall nutritional quality of food sold in this store.
j. Did you purchase any foods? Will you shop at this store in the future?
3. References at the end paper- use AMA style reference. Optional: include a photo of the store or food items……………………..
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