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Elevating poverty and bringing social justice in this global world

In elevating poverty and bringing social justice in this global world, one hand, many development
scholars argued for individual agency, community development model, social capital,
participatory approach and grass root development model. On the other hand, structuralist, poststructuralist
and post development scholars are more concerned about issues like global political
economy, structural inequality, and unequal exchange systems. Being a development scholar,
how would do you define your theoretical position? Discuss a case study from assigned text book
“Form Clients to Citizens” as a context or a critic to support your answer

Essay structure and content
1. Paper written in proper essay style
2. Formatting instructions followed
3. Clarity of statement of topic
4. Clarity of thesis statement
5. Clearly presented supported for argument in paper
6. Evidence of understanding of sources used
7. Proper use of referencing, including use of proper academic sources
8. Paper shows evidence of creativity and originality
Writing Style:
1. Correct use of English: Paragraphs, sentence structure, spelling
2. Engaging presentation of topic
• A good introduction with topic and thesis statements is expected.
• Written assignment format: font size 12, Times New Roman, double-sided, page numbers,
Submit a maximum of 6-8 pages in total
• You must include in-text citations and works cited

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