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discuss the economic challenges facing the work for the dole program

Question 1:

Explain why it is useful to use the expenditure approach to measure a nation’s income.     Write approx. 400 words for this.         [5 MARKS]


Question 2:

Explain how each of the following events immediately affects the national income and identify the component(s) of the national income affected.


 (A.) Jessica receives a social security allowance.

Write approx. 400 words for this           [5 MARKS]


(B.) An Australian resident buys a sports car imported from Italy.

Write approx. 400 for this                     [5 MARKS]



Question 3:

Refer to the attached article written by Browne, R 2015, ‘Work for the dole needs to be in the private sector: ACCI

Based on the information provided in the article and relevant sources, discuss the economic challenges facing the work for the dole program.

Write approx. 800 words for this              [15MARKS]



See below for the article.


Or look at the link


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