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Digital Audio Workstation

I need a 3000 words on Digital Audio Workstation in engineering aspects and business aspect;
1-Engineering aspect would be on how streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud where music is essentially on tap. These are really now becoming the focus of music consumption. and focusing more on e-based marketing strategies for music (so the technology focus, for example looks at digital delivery formats for music)
2-Business aspect would be on supply chain on musical industry and how it affected music back in the 80s where there was no impact from internet and now how the internet is effecting the musical industry in several points
I’m guessing that supply chain could fit around the DAW in the sense that it affects the relationship between music creator and the studio network. The studios needed creators to fund their existence – they are the vehicle by which music could be professionally tailored for the market (often on behalf of the record label)– with the DAW there is a centralization of the studio production environment around the creator.
These books can help to be referenced in the report.
Thank you

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