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Detail the production process steps involved in a trade show or exhibition.

Detail the production process steps involved in a trade show or exhibition.

The food and beverage services sector contributes a great deal to the profits in the hospitality industry. With the increase in importance of business meetings, conferences, conventions and exhibitions a large number of clients visit establishments. The food and beverage professionals tirelessly work to intensify customers’ experience through their service.

Scenario: For this assignment, you will recall your chosen event scenario from the Four Doors activity and the venue you selected for your place of employment.

Checklist:Detail the production process steps as seen in your reading:

  • List the (1) venue (Orlando World Center Marriott), (2) client (Large Technology Corporation), (3) attendees (500), and (4) duration (4 days).
  • Provide a (5) proposal detailing food and beverages options for the event.
  • Identify (6) control issues
  • Provide an (7) outline of what your property can offer in the way of decorations and (8) staffing.
  • Provide (9) room set-up plans detailing suggested seating, (10) food service, and (11) entertainment area options.

Respond using correct spelling and grammar in minimum 500-word response in a Microsoft® Word® document in current APA format with additional title and reference pages.

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