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dentify the possible costs to the employee and the employer concerning this accident.

Candace worked at a paper mill after her first year of college. Learning the ropes at the mill also meant learning all the shortcuts. One day, she decided to take a shortcut through the mill – just as so many before her, including guests and other workers. The shortcut was to step over a conveyor belt that runs through the whole building. Placing her foot at the wrong place at the wrong time, it was pulled into the conveyor. Her left foot entered a hole not much larger than a quarter. She screamed, and another worker was able to stop the belt, saving Candace’s life. Maintenance crews were called to take the system apart. It took them 25 minutes. Candace was awake the entire time. She was rushed to a hospital nearby and then to another hospital more experienced with trauma cases. They amputated her foot from the knee down. Candace overcame the injury, later travelling to Mexico and backpacking through Europe. She worked for a short time as a youth spokesperson for WorkSafeNB. 4.1 Explain what management could have done or planned to prevent this accident? (10) 4.2 Propose policies/procedures to be put in place to prevent accidents like this one from occurring again? (10) 4.3 Identify the possible costs to the employee and the employer concerning this accident. (10)

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