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D2 Technology Management

The course is technology management:
Explain your proposed approach for conducting research necessary to develop quality deliverables and explain how the information gleaned will support your career development in management. Please review the approach proposed by other students, providing objective feedback on opportunities for improvement.
The course objectives are
Course Objectives
Use advanced Excel functions to create a decision support system
Compose a solution to a business problem by creating a database application using Microsoft Access
Evaluate security breaches and computer crimes
Assess the individual and organizational consequences of the use of information technology
Interpret a business problem which might be solved using information technology, and then work with MIS to develop and implement a solution
Assess the life cycle of an information system
Describe how businesses use Internet technology for electronic commerce, communicating with employees, and working with business partners
Apply a working knowledge of computer hardware, software, database technology, and computer networks
Assess how companies use information technology for competitive advantage by changing their marketplace
Explain what a company’s MIS department does and how companies use information systems to help manage internal operations and to make decisions

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