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Compose an argument with two premises using no indicators.

Compose an argument with two premises using no indicators.

In the following texts, identify all of the assertions made and then identify the premises and conclusion.

a. The infection is getting worse, for the fever is staying high.

b. Dinosaurs were animals and they roamed the earth before humans did. This shows that humans were not the first animals.

c. The leaves are drooping and the petals are falling off. This means that the flower is dying.

d. The dress is too short and the color is all wrong. So, you should not buy it.

e. Jones was at the party last night. Jane said so.

f. The traffic on the highway is really terrible. So we should take a side road.

g. Voting makes no difference. Politicians always do whatever they want and one vote can never make a difference.

h. That plant will die. It never gets any light and it is bone dry.

i. Inflation is rising and so are interest rates. A recession is approaching.

j. The American Civil War was good for the United States. It clarified the powers of the states in relation to each other and to the Federal Government, and it highlighted the importance of the constitution’s bill of rights.

k. 85% of students we surveyed are in favor of some legal limitations on gun ownership. Therefore, most people are in favor of gun control.

l. Cars are nothing but a money sink. I have owned three cars in the last six months and all of them required really costly repairs.

m. If we eat the bananas, then we will not have any fruit left. And if we have no fruit then we have to go to the store. So, if we eat the bananas we have to go to the store.

n. Either we drive to Florida or we fly. But flying is now really expensive and is also bad for the environment. So, we had better drive.

o. Investing in the stock market is like throwing money down the toilet. And we can all agree that that is a bad thing. So investing in the market is bad too.

p. The acting was wooden, the scenery was cheap and the dialogue was empty. That was a terrible movie.

q. If you save your money in a bank account you will gain interest. If you gain interest you will become richer. So, saving money in your bank account can make you richer.

r. We have to fire that worker. He is incompetent, always in a bad mood, and he just left early.

Using the following sentence as a conclusion, “Tofu is very delicious,” compose three arguments with different premise. Use premise and conclusion indicators. (Note: the arguments do not need to be persuasive, and do not worry about making sure that the premises are true. The argument could be crazy, if you like. So long as they are arguments.)

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