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Comparison and contrast Li Bo and Du Fu

1.Create a strong thesis comparing these two Poets Li Bo (Daoist’s Influence) and Dufu(Confucian’s Influence).
I use this Book in class The Norton Anthology World Literature Volume 1 Tang Poetry (1304-1321). I’ll list the poems of each poet which you can use for this paper: Li Bo: “The Sun Rises and Sets” “South of the walls We Fought” “Bring in the Wine” “Question and Answer in the Mountains” “Summer Day in the Mountains” Drinking Alone with the Moon” “In the Quiet Night” “Sitting Alone by Jingting Mountain”
Du Fu: “Paited Hawk” “Moonlight Night” “Sprint Prospect” “Qiant Village I” “My Thatched Roof Is Ruined by the Autumn Wind” I Stand Alone” “Spending the Night in a Towerby the River””Thoughts while Travelling at Night” “Ballad of the Firewood Vendor” “Autumn Medications IV”
2.Clear thesis linking together.
3. Critical support: Quotes, Paraphrase, Reasons, Research. Proper puntuation.
4. Assume the reader has knowledge about these two poets.
5.Work Cited……….
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