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Comparative regional analysis paper

• 3-pages (max) introduction on your regions: assets and industries shared by most of your regions (group effort). Use your profiles and try to produce comparative tables where key data can be quickly and succinctly compared across all regions, including LQs and shift-share. 10 pts
• 3-6 pages (2 page per question max) discussion of the 3 questions presented during the group presentations (group effort). Answer each of the three questions. Discuss why are these questions important to regional economic development? Refer to the coursebook, course readings and other material used in your profile. 10 pts
• 2 pages per team member discussing how 2 of the 3 questions matter to your individual regional economy. How do they affect your regional economy (the one you chose throughout this class)? What strengths and weaknesses (ex. assets like university, airport, large multinational company) does your region possess that will help or hinder it in addressing challenges and opportunities (global, technological etc etc) posed in these 2 driving research questions. Draw on your regional profile, LQ and shift-share analyses if useful. Individually-produced sections should be appended to he group’s master document. 10 pts……………..

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